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About Us

EEC & IEF is a product of "Ekk Updesh Foundation" which is dedicated to organise the most meaningful event in the Education Industry. At EEC we organise events to gather the perspectives of Schools for improvising “National Education Policy” of Internationalization of Students & Faculty Exchange. And at IEF we encourage direct interactions of Students ( School & College) with Domestic & International Colleges for pursuing the desired courses (Professional/Graduation/Masters).



To provide a World Class experience for our customers, we have partnered with EduFly to develop a Mobile Application through which the participants of our events can remain connected even after the event.

EduFly will be launching this Mobile Application on 21st January 2022 enabling:

  • Universities: Explore collaborations with Colleges, Schools & Professional Institutions
  • Schools: Explore collaborations with Colleges & discover relevant Vendors with ratings
  • Students: Easy to find Colleges & Professional Institutions

Our Schedule

  • EEC-Delhi
    21st & 22nd Jan 2022
  • EEC-Dubai
    21st May 2022
  • EEC-Singapore
    10th Dec 2022

Our Stand

Our Mission

"Ensure collaboration of Schools, Colleges & Universities to ease-out international admission process"

Our Vision

"Become one stop solution for parents & students for International Education"